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Just because you called this meeting doesn't mean you get to run the show. We're not your servants.
~ Piccadilly's attempt to undercut Dupont's leadership
Fearless Morning Glory Goldenleaf. Not so fearless now, are you?
~ Piccadilly taunts Glory

Stilton Piccadilly is the minor antagonist For Own paws Only, the second book of the Spy Mice trilogy, and the tertiary antagonist in the third book Goldwhiskers. He is a rat from London and the biggest rival of Roquefort Dupont.



For Own paws Only

Stilton Piccadilly arrives for the Global Rodent Roundtable which takes place in New York, alongside with the rest of the rat crime lords. Since the beginning, he shows animosity towards Dupont. At first, he stops Dupont's dalliance with Brie de Sorbonne and then is the only rat which doesn't agree with Dupont's idea to eat before starting the G.R.R..

During the lunch, Piccadilly captures two British mice agents, Bubble and Squeak who were following him from London secretly. He ties them up to his tail and uses it to hit the poor mice against the pavement until Glory manages to cut to rope so quickly no rat even notices it before it is too late. The loss of captives drives Piccadilly crazy and when Dupont provokes him, the two starts arguing and Mozzarella Canal with Muenster Alexanderplatz have to calm them down.

When the rats are about to choose their Big Cheese, Piccadilly hopes to win just like Dupont does. As soon as Dupont shows his plan to defeat mice by learning to read, Piccadilly makes fun of it and the rest of the rest shares his disdain. However, Dupont is able vindicate his idea successfully when his reading skills help the G.R.R. to kidnap Glory Goldenleaf. Moreover, Dupont then discovers camera sun glasses the mice hung above the rats. After this, Piccadilly is completely written-off and Dupont becomes the Big Cheese.

Later, Piccadilly and all the rats get stuck on the Mayflower float when the mice cut the ropes and the float flies away due its balloons. This leads to an another big argument between Dupont and him.


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  • His name comes from an English cheese called Stilton and from the famous London road junction Piccadilly Circus.
  • Piccadilly and Dupont are the only known members of the G.R.R. whose leadership of rat gangs is mentioned in the trilogy. However, Piccadilly didn't arrive to New York with his henchmen, in opposite of Dupont.