The Stillwater Gang is a western gang that operated in 1871 and was led by Jeb Stillwater. They are minor antagonists in Legends of Tomorrow.


They harrassed the town of Salvation for three months before Rip and his team show up.

While in the saloon, Martin Stein plays cards against one member of the Stillwater Gang and wins. A bad loser, the gang member it out on one of the waiters and Stein intervenes to save the woman. Furious, the gang member draws his gun but is swiftly shot by Leonard Snart. The second gang member jumps up and aims his gun at Stein but before he can shoot he is killed by Jonah Hex, an old friend of Rip Hunter. Hex tells the team about the Stillwater Gang and the team, especially Ray Palmer, decides to rid the town of the gang.

Later, Jeb and his gang ride into the town, claiming that the town will pay because one of his men died there. Jeb is opposed by Palmer, who has become sheriff of Salvation under the name John Wayne. Although Jeb attempts to shoot Palmer, he and his men are forced to flee when Snart snipes the gun out of his hand. Claiming that he has snipers stationed all around, Palmer dispells the gang from the city and the town cheers as Jeb and his men ride off.

After finding out where the camp of the gang is, Palmer and half of his team ride in and take out the gang members. Jeb is knocked out and arrested by Palmer before the gang can cope with the events unfolding. However, while riding out of the camp Jax is caught by a lasso and the team is forced to leave him with the gang. To free Jax without trading Jeb in, the team decides that they will settle matters with the gang by an old-fashioned western duel.

At high-noon, Rip and Stillwater face each other at the main street. The duel is swiftly ended and Stillwater is shot dead. Witnessing this, the Stillwater gang frees Jax and rides out of town, seconds before the Hunters arrive.


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