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Sticky Fingaz is one member of the rap group Onyx and character.

Unfortunately, since being a complete monster and having a funny voice are in contradiction with each other on this site, it's hard to say. He's not stupid. His voice is hilarious. Yet he is a complete monster to everyone. Sticky is a murderous Rodney King-hating thug with a funny-sounding voice. His actions, like that of Fredro Starr and Sonee Seaza are too exagerrated to be taken seriously. The reason he gets a page is because he's done the most guest appearances with other rappers of all of Onyx. His debut was a raspy, miserable, violen thug on Boss's "Livin' Loc'd." You can hear him bragging about how violent and nasty he is. He even does his signature funny voices. His most darkly funny moment perhaps, is in "Here N Now": "So don't make me angry/you won't like me when I'm angry, all that frustration starts to change me than I scream and my voice gets coarse!"

Perhaps his biggest act of villainy can be seen in a 2014 interview with Charlamagne, when he asks him, "Are you still a criminal, Sticky?" And he says, "Absolutely not, ni--a. I'm a law-abiding citizen, NI--A!"

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