Sticks was a minor villain from the 1979 movie Angel's Revenge. He was a low level drug dealer working for Mike Farrell, who was the middleman between him and the drug kingpin Burke.

Due to his selling drugs Sticks made a lot of money, and was able to buy clothes and a rather fancy car. At some point in the late 70s Sticks began selling drugs to a young man named Bobby, who was the younger brother of a pop singer named Michelle Wilson. When Sticks refused to take an IOU from the kid after he ran out of money, Bobby rolled Sticks and took his drugs. Farrell had Sticks administer a severe beating in retaliation which put Bobby in the hospital.

Learning what happened to her brother Michelle Wilson and Bobby's teacher April Thomas put together a team of women to take out the local drug cartel. When they learned that a drug shipment was coming in the team kidnapped Sticks to find out when the shipment was coming in. Threatening to emasculate Sticks the women got the details they needed to successfully intercept the shipment and hand it over to law enforcement.

Afterwards the women released Sticks with the warning that if he dealt drugs again they would find out and take care of him. Sticks knew that Farrell and Burke would blame him for the shipment debacle and decided to skip town. Farrell went to confront Skips and chased him across the apartment complex where Sticks lived. Chasing him up on to the roof he demanded to know who hit their shipment. Sticks tried to climb down the side of the building but fell to his death.


  • Sticks was portrayed by the American actor Darby Hinton, who had earlier played Israel Boone on the NBC series Daniel Boone.