Stewie Wilkes

Stewie Wilkes

I'm your number one fan. I'm your number one fan. I'm your number one fan.
~ Stewie Wilkes to Brian.

Stewie Wilkes is a psychopathic villain in the episode "Three Kings" and the parody of Annie Wilkes from Stephen King's Misery.

She/he is portrayed by Stewie Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and American Dad!).

After crashing his car in the snow, Paul (Brian) is rescued by Stewie Wilkes, a self-proclaimed number one fan who takes the injured Paul in his remote cabin. Upon awakening, Stewie tells him that he was taken into the cabin for shelter and that he was in a car wreck and had broken both of his legs. Paul smacks his lips and immediately notices that he tastes lipstick and asks Stewie if he's wearing lipstick, which Stewie replies eerily that he was wearing lipstick but isn't wearing it anymore, implying that some form of sexual activity was inflicted upon him by Stewie in his slumber.

Upon finding and reading the latest manuscript of Paul's latest Snuggly Jeff book, Stewie is infuriated about the main character's death and after bludgeoning his severely broken legs by tossing the manuscript on them, forces Paul to rewrite it and bring Snuggly Jeff back to life, holding him hostage until he manages to do so. Stewie rejects the idea of bringing Snuggly Jeff back to life with a child's wish, calling it bad storytelling and comparing it to a plot hole in Contact.

After sending Stewie out for more paper, Paul finds several news articles in an album that imply that Stewie is a serial killer. Just then, the local Sheriff (Joe) appears, and is surprised to find Paul there. Overjoyed, Paul asks the Sheriff that to get him out of the cabin before Stewie returns. Before he can help him, however, Stewie blows both his legs off with a shotgun. The Sheriff then complains that he will now have to spend his life in a wheelchair, only to e shot again and killed by Stewie. Paul finally finishes his book and demands Stewie let him go, but Stewie refuses, knowing that he will try to turn him in to the police and tell them he had kidnapped him, held his hostage and fondled him in his sleep, the last part of the sentence Paul did not know originally and is disgusted by Stewie's actions. Paul's ultimate fate is left ambiguous as the story ends with a Magnum P.I-style credits roll.

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