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Steward Turnbull is the main antagonist in Titanic ITV Drama 2012 Miniseries. He was third class steward.


When the Titanic is sinking, Turnbull along with Hart and two other stewards hold passengers down. One of passengers, David Evans ask him if they can no go up, but Turnbull said: All in good time. His colleague Hart is concerned how long they will keep them down but Turnbull simply shouts: Don't worry, there's no danger! He is suggested if they just couldn't take children up but Turnbull refuse too: Be followed by a pack of screaming mothers as if.

Hart sees they're loosing control but Turnbull snarled at him: We've got our orders!, Hart ignores him ordered: Send the women with you children to the front. Hart pushed Turnbull aside and leave steerage followed by women and children, before Mary Maloney with her children can get through Turnbull yells: That's enough! Stand Back! Keep Back!. Jim Maloney argues with him but Turnbull arrogantly pushed him down. Peter Lubov interferes as well, grabs Turnbull and pushes him away. Another steward frees him and closed gate, Turnbull grab his keys and lock the gate.

Sixth Officer Moody arrives in steerage joined by two seamen. He ask Turnbull about Gatti Waiters fate. Turnbull told him they're: Safely under lock and key. Moody ask if it was necessary, Turnbull told him it was best that way. Moody warns him: Then, don't forget to let them out. Stokers are going up but Mario Sandrini turns his way down to the gate. Trying and arguying with Moody about trapped passengers down, Turnbull orders two seamen, open gate drags Sandrini in. Passengers riots Turnbull try stop them but is pushed to side and gives up. Meanwhile the seamen locked Mario in storage cupboard where italians waiters are locked in.

In flooded corridors Paolo Sandrini is searching for his brother, Turnbull came out of corridor. Paolo notice him and ask: Hey! Do you know where they put the italians? The ones they locked up?, Turnbull answer: Why, are you anxious to join them?. Paolo pressed him on wall and Turnbull said him where they are. When Paolo goes rescue them, Turnbull shouts: But you won't get them out! The door is locked! And it'll stay locked until it hits the ocean bed! he then leave corridor.

He died in sinking, because when he leave corridors all lifeboats and all collapsibles except one were gone. He wasn't nor at last one.

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