Stephanie "Stevie" Nichols is a former young wizard. She first appears in "Detention Election" where she meets Alex and becomes best friends with Alex (Selena Gomez).

She was portrayed by Hayley Kiyoko.


Stevie first appeared in "Detention Election". While she is in detention, Stevie meets Alex. They soon became friends and learn they have a lot in common, like for example, they both like to cause trouble after "Dentention Election" Alex and Harper discovers Stevie is a wizard and soon Harper feels like the third wheel (if want to know more read on to the second and third)

In "Eat to the Beat", when Alex and Justin are fighting, Stevie uses a spell to turn a rock band into a smooth jazz band. Harper, who saw Stevie use magic, attempts to tell Alex. However, Stevie is able to stop her by using a spell to erase Harper's memory of what she saw.

Harper is able to regain her memory of the event in the lunchroom, and informs Alex that Stevie is a wizard. Soon after, Alex and Stevie went onto magical adventures leaving Harper behind.

In "The Good, The Bad and the Alex", Stevie conducts a revolution of wizards to override the power distributor, which is what takes wizards' powers away and transfers them when they lose the wizard competition, and gets Alex and Max to join her. However, she was unaware that Alex would turn on her. Alex and Harper help Warren get his full powers by transferring Stevie's powers to him, while Stevie is frozen. Not much after, Max accidentally tipped over Stevie's statue shattering her to pieces, killing her.

In response to fans wondering if Stevie had died, Todd J. Greenwald followed up on Stevie's storyline. He stated that, "Stevie was fused back together and sent of to an island for 6 months of 'Soul Rehab'. She now lives a happy, fulfilling life back in the Wiz World with her new dogs, Mark and Susan." He also stated that this will never be shown in an episode, and Stevie's storyline has ended.

Despite her status as a villain, Stevie was very well received by the fanbase. Many fans didn't understand why she was characterized as "evil" and, in fact, sympathized with her anger over losing her powers. Multiple fanfics have been written where Stevie returns from the dead and patches things up with Alex.