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Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are villains in South Park and two of the main antagonists in the episode "The China Problem".

In the episode, "The China Probrem", Lucas and Steven release their latest collaboration, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The general public are horrified by the film, feeling that Lucas and Spielberg raped their beloved character Indiana Jones. As a result, the boys file a lawsuit against Lucas and Spielberg for "class-1 rape". When the police arrive to arrest them, they find that Lucas and Spielberg gang-raping a Star Wars Storm Trooper, and later inform the boys that they found the dead raped bodies of Yoda and Short Round.

They appeared again in the episode 200 where they despite being arrested for raping Indiana Jones and many others Indiana Jones was seen as their sex slave. They were not seen in 201 but it can be assumed that they redeemed themselves like the other celebrities did at the end of the episode.