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Steve Seton is one of the 3 main antagonists in the slasher-film Bloody Birthday. He is a ten-year boy who alongside two other children was born without the capability to feel emotion or remorse - this would lead him to become one of the three psychopathic killers that terrorized the town in which they lived.

Steven was the least developed of the killers and did not have much in terms of personality - he was, however, obedient to Debbie and Curtis: in fact out of all the children Steven seemed to be the most robotic and would kill as part of the group rather than alone (as Curtis and Debbie would sometimes do).

Steven seemed to have a connection with Curtis and the two boys would work together in some of their death-traps, with Curtis acting as the "brains" - the most famous example was when Steven and Curtis used an old car to try and kill the protagonist in a junk-yard.

In the film's climax Steven opts to utilize a large knife to try and finish off the protagonist for good but was defeated and locked in a chest - where he remained until police arrived at the scene.

Steven was then seen being taken into custody, presumably to be sent to a young offenders prison - unlike Curtis Steven was not seen smiling at this, in fact Steven rarely showed any expressions at all.


  • he was portrayed by Andy Freeman