Steven Richard "Steve" Owen was a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders from 28 December 1998 to 1 March 2002.

He was played by Martin Kemp, who is known for being a member of British group Spandau Ballet.

Steve's first major storyline in the show saw him murder his former love Saskia Duncan (which he did in self defence when she tried to strangle him) and framed Matthew Rose for the crime, but Matthew eventually got back at Steve for this by trying him to a chair and threaten to pour petrol on him and set him on fire. However when Steve reduces to a nervous helpless wreck, Matthew reveals that the petrol was actually water and that he just wanted to show Steve up for what he truly is.

He later became an enemy of Phil Mitchell and Dan Sullivan because of their connections to Steve's girlfriend and eventual wife Melanie. Steve later became a suspect in the "Who Shot Phil?" storyline.

In 2002, Steve planned to leave Walford for America with Melanie, Lisa Shaw, Martin Fowler and Lisa and Phil's daughter Louise. However, Mark is unable to go and Lisa believes that their plan is falling apart. Steve leaves in his car with Louise with Phil pursuing them in his car. Steve's car's tyres burst, causing him to crash into a barrel of petrol and starts a fire. Steve passes Louise to Phil, but before Phil can help Steve, the car explodes and kills Steve.