Steve Hadley

Steve Hadley

Steve Hadley is one of the technicians in the control room that controls the cabin in the woods, along with Gary Sitterson. He serves as one of the two secondary antagonists of the film.

He was portrayed by Bradley Whitford, the same actor who portrayed Dean Armitage in Get Out.

In the beginning of the film, he reveals that his wife has babyproofed the house, even though she is not pregnant yet. Hadley expresses frustation about this, saying that it's a "jinx."

Hadley is the younger of the two technicians and is more quick to joke, especially when he put Mordecai on speakerphone. He bet on the Merman being the chosen monster and was disappointed when it wasn't, since he had never seen the Merman.

Ironically, during the System Purge, he was killed by his favorite monster that he bets on, the Merman. His last words were "Oh, come on!".