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NO! I will show your harm... LOOK THIS DICK! Yes... and it's all for you...
~ Steve

Steve is a human and a player within the game world of Minecraft, which tries to survive by creating homes, hunting animals and amongst other utensilioes and actions that help in his survival. In the parody, he is also the protagonist and the main villain, he brutally raped a Creeper who was about to destroy his home again and finally satiate the thirst for revenge for all his houses that the Creepers destroyed.

Fail Minecraft Parody

The video begins with a normal opening with the name of the video and including a major theme of Minecraft music playing in the background of the video, a few seconds later, Steve came up in the middle of the screen, he spoke with the viewers that the video was just another Minecraft parody, right after he said it would make people who were watching the video that he would lose them their time watching Steve creating a house while he was a crazy guy. 

After only two seconds after he asked rhetorically to himself if he should start construction build a house quickly, however, the house was made of various types of materials, making the house dirty and ugly, he said that her house was beautiful as a clumsy Creeper approached from behind him, however Steve realized the presence of the Creeper and gave him a punch on the ground knocking the Creeper. Creeper tried to escape, however, Steve took him while brutally broke his face with several punches followed, moments later the Creeper face has completely destroyed, however, Steve still was not pleased and picked up by the Creeper back and dragged him to close his pants, the Creeper pleaded with despair and agony that Steve does not do anything bad with it, however, not Steve accepted the request and denied the request for mercy and opened his pants and told the Creeper looks his dick as he said with an insane guy who 'it' was all for him. The Creeper once asked again for mercy but Steve did not answer the request and went straight to the subject that he would 'blow' the prostate of the Creeper, soon after this, the Creeper tries to escape again but is prevented by the violent power of the penis of Steve while Steve brutally raped and again and again the Creeper, making the Creeper is dying of pain and despair. In a final movement of rape, Steve uses all his strength to finish once and for all, making the Creeper fall on the floor of sadness, fear and agony as Steve quit local pleased.

However, this time was the Creeper that were full of hate, and in the final movement for killing Steve he ran in the direction Steve and exploded rapidly leading Steve to a horrible death with the pieces of his body scattered everywhere and including the house completely disappeared with the explosion, leaving a huge crater in the middle of the explosion, thus completing the video.


Steve is overprotective of his territory. He is also extremely xenophobic and perverted, as he takes a weird interest in Creepers, though he despises them and wishes above all to make them suffer for the loss of his house.



MINECRAFT FAIL, A Minecraft Parody (18 )

MINECRAFT FAIL, A Minecraft Parody (18 )