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Stern was the CEO of an international real estate company called Multigon International but in reality it is a front used by a terrorist organization. He appeared in the Batman: The Animated Series two-part episode "The Cat and the Claw."


Stern and his company bought out a piece of land outside of Gotham City to construct a resort which caught Selina Kyle's attention who wanted to use the piece of land for mountain lions preserve. His boss Red Claw told him to send an agent to keep an eye on Selina Kyle. The site of the resort is on top of an abandoned military complex that was orignally created for a shelter in case of a nuclear attack. After Batman destroyed the virus, Stern and the rest of Red Claw's henchmen were arrested and captured. Multigon International was most likely shut down after Stern's arrest and it's ties to the terrorists were exposed.

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