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There you are Butters!
~ Stephen Stotch
Stephen Stotch
Stephen Stotch is Butters' abusive and strict father as well as a major antagonist in the TV show South Park. He frequently ground his son for little to no reason, try to sell him to Paris Hilton for $250 million, give him a brutal beating for cussing them out over the phone (it was actually Cartman pretending to be Butters), locked him in the basement, try to feed him a dead woman's body and tried to drown him. He is also one of Butters' arch-nemesis, the other being Linda.

He is close to closet homosexual who abuses his son whenever he has 'bicurious' traits (even sending him to a straight camp with a HIGH suicide rate). Not to mention being physically abusive, according to Linda he handles all of Butter's punishments. Including belittling him and berating him for minor offenses such as (which he probably did but blamed Butters anyway) mixing up things in the pantry.


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