~ Stephanie finally shows her true nature

Stephanie is a a major antagonist in the movie Quadrophenia. She is Jim's crush, and is one of the more popular Mods. Stephanie seems to like Jim, but it is later revealed she is just toying with him. She goes around with practically all the main men in the film, toying with their affections, and casing hostilities. She seems impressed when Jim is describing how he viciously beat up some Rockers. Stephanie also likes the "tough guys" such as how she expresses disdain for Jim when he gets jealous of the Ace's popularity. Stephanie bonds with Jim, although under a threat, as she says "If you tell anyone we did this, I will never speak to you again OK?" But she bonds with Jim and they make out in an alleyway when escaping from police in the riots.

Later on, Jim is arrested, although he hadn't done anything at that moment, and Stephanie lamely tries to save him, but Chalky convinces her "he's gone." Stephanie is next seen dating Chalky, when Jim is released from jail, and Stephanie expresses more disdain for Jim. She openly shows that she prefers Chalky now. Stephanie laughs along with Chalky in Jim's face when Chalky says "She's nice, isn't she? I found her on an alleyway in Brighton!" Jim then breaks Chalky's nose and is ejected from the diner.

Stephanie is furious with Jim the next day because of his violence, which in her mind was unprovoked, and she says "What's wrong with you you act alright one moment but the next you're punching someone's face in!" Stephanie walks away from Jim not talking to him, despite his desperate pleas (he has been ejected from his family and made homeless so he really is desperate) and finally Stephanie shows her callousness by telling Jim to get lost. Jim calls her a "slag" and a "cunt" and takes his rage out on his bike, tearing it apart and destroying his most prized possession. Stephanie's betrayal would later make Jim contemplate suicide; but he doesn't do it.