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Stella Andre
Stella Andre is the main villainess from Jane Doe:  The Harder They Fall.

She was played by Helen Slater.

Stella Andre was the interim CEO of a major food company, but as revealed later on, she acquired the position by having the past CEO, Melville Hornung, killed. She was in a relationship with Melville, and then found his long lost biological son, Doug Maynard, and coerced him to kill Melville. To cover her tracks, Stella also drugged Jim Monroe with laced up cookies in a gift basket, and set him up for the murder. Cathy Davis caught Stella on the rooftop of the building, where she interrogated her regarding her evil plans. After arrogantly admitting to everything, the evil Stella pointed a gun at Cathy with intent to kill her. Stella pulled the trigger, with her shot striking Jim, who dove to protect Cathy. After the melee, Stella was quickly apprehended and arrested.


  • Helen Slater later appeared as Cheryl, a villainous Munchausen mother, in the televised film, The Good Mother.


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