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Stefano meetis with Rodrigo Borgia and the other conspirators.

Nothing to fear I suppose... They meet in the shadow of the Roman Gods...
~ -Stefano's last words.

Stefano da Bagnone (1418-1479) is a villain from the video game "Assassin's Creed II". He is a Templar, and one of the Pazzi Conspirators. He is one of the main antagonists of sequence 5, "Loose Ends" and a supporting antagonist in sequence 4, "Pazzi Conspiracy".


Stefano da Bagnone was a monk and a secretary to Jacopo de' Pazzi, he was also one of the men hired to kill Lorenzo. He was the one who stabbed Lorenzo in the back. He had always been known for his cruelty towards others. Stefano was trained as a Templar Butcher in Rome. After the conspiracy fails, he flees to Tuscany where he hides in the Monte Oliveto Maggiore, a monastery. Before he is assassinated by Ezio, he was telling another monk that there is no God.

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