Stefan Prohosh is the main antagonist in an episode of the 1966 series Mission: Impossible. He is played by Alf Kjellin.


The party chairman of a small Iron Curtain country demoted Stefan Prohosh from his post as head of Internal Security and relegated him to the unimportant position of director of the People's Art Museum. In an attempt to regain power Prohosh stole a sample of a highly secret alloy from an experimental laboratory in Western Europe and cleverly hid it in a sculpture which arrives at the museum. Prohosh hopes to trade the alloy to one of the major Red nations for their support in his bid for power.

Jim Phelps and the IMF team are sent to recover the alloy and stop Prohosh.

Rollin Hand and Cinnamon Carter were posing as assassins to distract Prohosh and some of his men, so that it could give Willy Armitage and Barney Collier time to get the alloy out of the sculpture, after getting the alloy, Barney places an explosive on the sculpture.

Jim puts a remote detonator in Prohosh's pocket, to trick the chairman that Prohosh planned to kill him. Jim had another detonator which destroyed the sculpture. When the guards searched Prohosh, they found the remote and placed him under arrest.