"If dere's one t'ing I 'ate, it's excuses! ...Make dat two t'ings I 'ate. Excuses, an' a seven-ten split!"
~ - Steelbeak

Steelbeak is the all-elegant chief agent of FOWL. FOWL's High Command trust him enough to let him do whatever he wants, letting him use all their resources for his crimes.


The past of Steelbeak is a mystery. Not only is his real name unknown, but also how and why he got his steel beak. But one can guess he has done some dirty work to achieve his high position on FOWL, as well as all of his money.

Steelbeak has his own henchmen known as eggmen. They wear a mostly yellow uniform and a egg-shaped helmet. Steelbeak will send them in numbers to do the job, dealing with it himself only if really necessary. He doesn't mind doing the dirty work by himself, but since he is the boss, he gives the orders.


Steelbeak is cool, calm, elegant and collected. He is calculated, suave, and smooth with every move he makes. However, he is not the one to expect the unexpected, and he knows it, which is why he tries to plan ahead as much as possible. When he runs out of options, he runs away until he figures out what to do next, which doesn't take very long. He is also very self-confident, authoritative and sarcastic, hardly losing his temper.


  • Steelbeak was a parody on the James Bond villain Jaws.


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