Steel Mask is a Black Cross Army Masked Monster and the fourteenth of Iron Man Mask General Temujin's Masked Monsters.


While initially brought in by Temujin to assist in executing him for his consistent failures, it instead becomes the prime pilot for the Black Cross Führer's new Condoler unit, piloting one of the flying bikes in order to pursue the Gorengers and take down Variblune. In his first battle, he ends up dragging up the Green Machine with both Momorenger and Midorenger inside of it, clutching it with his Condoler's claws ripping a huge gash within Asuka's body and forcing them and Kaijo to try and escape his grasp. When Shinmei and Ooiwa try to reach them initially, Steel Mask's Condoler unit easily defeats them and forces them to retreat.

Eventually Kaijo decides to use a strategy to prevent Steel Mask from interfering with Asuka's treatment, leaving the cave they were stationed at and attacking the Masked Monster long enough for Variblune to deliver the medical supplies to him. When Steel Mask faces the Gorenger in combat, Midorenger primarily attacks him for revenge while Shinmei fires a Blue Cherry to pin him down, only to have him remove the arrow with little damage. The Gorenger attempt a regular Gorenger Storm but it is stopped by a steel net Steel Mask puts up; the team then fuse another Gorenger Storm with a Midomerang, creating enough power to break the net and destroy the Masked Monster.

Modus and Arsenal

Steel Mask's main weapon is a set of blades it wields and can spin around for both offensive and defensive attacks; it can also remove the blade on its head and throw it as a projectile weapon.