The Steel Clan are arguably one of David Xanatos's most iconic creations and acted as enforcers of his will in the animated Disney series, Gargoyles.


Xanatos initially built the robots using the information that he had obtained from the three computer disks which he tricked the gargoyles into stealing from Cyberbiotics for him.

After creating the Steel Clan, Xanatos tested them out by having them attack Goliath's clan. Xanatos assumed that the robots' metal bodies, total obedience, and freedom from the need for stone sleep would make them superior to the real gargoyles. Fortunately, the programming of the first Steel Clan robots was simple enough that Goliath and the other gargoyles were able to destroy them with relative ease.

Xanatos built more, however, and continued to improve on their programming. During the time that he spent in prison, he had one of these robots attack Goliath, and draw blood from him. This blood was then used by Sevarius to obtain the cell samples needed to create Thailog. When Xanatos clashed with the gargoyles at the Statue of Liberty and the George Washington Bridge following his release from prison, he was accompanied by fresh Steel Clan robots although they were soon defeated. He also used them to frighten the citizens of New York while he himself (in a new exo-suit armor that looked nearly identical to a Steel Clan robot except for the coloring) stole the Eye of Odin from the Museum of Modern Art and to help spread the hypergolic gas needed to break Demona's "stone by night" curse throughout the sky over Manhattan.

More recently, Xanatos also used some more Steel Clan robots to recapture Coldstone in the Himalayas, and some time later, used another Steel Clan robot to battle the gargoyles who were protecting the Stone of Destiny in London.

A similar group of robots called the Iron Clan has also been built, specifically to combat Oberon.


The Steel Clan robots possess rockets on their backs along with stabilizers on their feet which allow flight, and razor-sharp wings for maneuverability.

They are equipped with retractable arm-cannons on their right forearms along with razor-sharp talons. The second batch onwards were capable of generating electricity along their bodies to prevent enemies from coming into physical contact with them.

Their programming is still primitive as they continue to make similar mistakes, such as flying into buildings and each other.

Powers and Abilities

The Steel Clan had many of the abilities associated with Gargoyles, such as superhuman strength and the ability to fly via the use of wings - however the Steel Clan were robotic in nature rather than supernatural.


The Steel Clan did not have individual personalities akin to humans, instead they were pretty much mindless machines that did what they were programmed to do: loyal to Xanatos the Steel Clan were in many ways the perfect enforcers of his will: within many of the Steel Clan incarnation was a unique red Steel Clan robot, this was the only one with an individual personality and was actually David Xanatos himself (hidden within a power-suit).



  • A sub-class of more powerful gargoyle-inspired robots would later be created, known as the Iron Clan.