Welcome to the age of the machine! It will create new machines in its own image, machines of peace, that will usher in a glorious new era of wealth and prosperity for the state!
~ The Nation's propaganda message of the Fabrication Machine's construction of the Steel Behemoths

The Steel Behemoths are war machines built by the Fabrication Machine in 9. They were the first major war machines built by the Fabrication Machine. The Behemoths were initially commissioned by the Chancellor to achieve his goals of world domination, before the Fabrication Machine reprogrammed them to exterminate all life. This army consists of about 896 war machines.


After the Fabrication Machine was taken away by the Chancellor and made to mass-produce war machines for the Chancellor, the Machine built armies of Steel Behemoths, which the Nation intended to use to conquer the rest of the world. The Steel Behemoths apparently succeeded in slaughtering and obliterating practically all in their path on the battlefield during the war. When the Fabrication Machine went insane and reprogrammed its machines to exterminate all life, the Steel Behemoths turned on the Nation; they massacred all military and civilians in sight, and released poisonous gas to kill off all other forms of life including plants and even bacteria.

After humanity and almost all other life on Earth had been wiped out, the Steel Behemoths disappeared from the sterile wastelands, leaving only the production lines of inactive Behemoths in the Fabrication Machine's factory. It is unknown what happened to the Steel Behemoths, but it can be presumed that over the years after the machines had destroyed most life, the Behemoths perished or deactivated without the Fabrication Machine or any further purpose.

After the Fabrication Machine was reactivated, it was seen to be experimenting on an inactive Steel Behemoth unit before its Seeker Drones alerted it to the stitchpunks' presence.


A Steel Behemoth is 30 feet tall, with a pair of thin and long legs made ​​of pure iron. Although thin, the Behemoths' legs are quite strong and able to move at considerable speed, not too fast or slow, but according to the pictures they can run in a small pattern. The Steel Behemoths have only a single, oval red eye, in the centre of their head. The Behemoths' heads are large casings which loosely resemble WWII-era Nazi soldier helmets.


The Steel Behemoths were equipped with a huge revolving gun that shot in front of them as a huge mini-gun. They were also equipped with gas canisters, fired into the air from a compartment on the top of their head, for killing off all life in the area.



  • The Steel Behemoths resemble the Tripods from H.G. Wells' War of the World, and AT-ST walkers from Star Wars.
  • The Steel Behemoths were the only machines shown to have been used by the Fabrication Machine during its war against humanity to destroy all life, although it is probable that the B.R.A.I.N. made other machines for the war as well.
  • The Steel Behemoths are the only known robots made ​​by the Fabrication Machine which use military weapons and are outright battlefield soldiers, while the rest seen were used as hunters or security.