The Statue of Liberty in Zombie Samurai.

The Statue of Liberty is (of course) one the world's most iconic landmarks and normally would not be remotely relevant to a wiki concerning villains - at least that was until the video-game Samurai Zombie Nation arrived.

In what may be considered as one of the more bizarre video-game boss fights outwith deliberately abstract games the hero of this game (who himself is little more than a floating head) must engage in battle with a demonic version of the Statue of Liberty, which has been transformed by the evil powers of the alien Darc Seed into a powerful enforcer of his will.

The Statue of Liberty has been altered by Darc Seed's evil into a medusa-like monster and her famous torch now acts more akin to a flamethrower than a torch - although the fight may be considered more than a little goofy it does, arguably, do a job of conveying an apocalyptic battle as the Statue of Liberty (a traditional symbol of freedom) is warped into a demonic tool of oppression by a mad alien overlord.

In the end, however, the possessed Statue of Liberty is defeated - bringing the US closer to freedom as the hero proceeds to continue his search for Darc Seed and the higher levels of the game.