The Station Master
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So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
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The "Station Master" is a man that everyone believe be a hero, because he wanted to save the slave by make them escape from their owners, He was also an animal taxidermist. He was the grandfather of mister Gordy, but Heidi know that man was not what everyone pretend to be, everyone believe he was killed by the slaves owners, but he was killed by other slaves and conductors to avenge their deceased friends. But he was still seem to be a hero, Lisa tell her daughter The Station Master was a nice man, but Heidi said he was never a nice man, much to Lisa's anger who punish Heidi who she think lie.

Joyce who see the slaves see him walking to the car where Heidi was, he heard Joyce scream and go to RV and scare Joyce who he want to kill by ghostly taxidermized power, so he go to the truck where Heidi was when her father is still running and calling the dog, and kidnapped Heidi by bringing  her to Cellar to kill her.

Lisa had decided to follow the deceased slaves and  Underground Railroad Conductors, when they arrive to the cellar Lisa decide to go down, and see behind the door the horrible truth, Lisa save her daughter, but the Station Master attacked Lisa. Who was persuaded by her mother ghost to let the other ghosts get in, When the other ghosts finally get in, they attacked The Station Master who disappear into dust.