Starro the Conquerer 01

Starro the Conqueror is a villain in the DC Universe and a Knight of Starro.


A little boy named Cobi descended on their planet enslaving their civilization including Cobi and Andrez. At that point in time the Hatorei slaves served the queen and built a nest for a new queen to be born. On the planet Hatorei, things were different; the link between the people was still filled with outrage due to their enslavement and the deaths of their people; this outrage loosened the hold of the Star Conquerors on Andrez. So while Cobi worked in the nest, his brother driven by his peoples' outrage entered the nest determined to destroy the Starro hatchlings before a new queen could be born.

Unfortunately, one of the eggs hatched and attacked Cobi but to no avail as it leapt it became attached to Cobi's chest and Cobi subsequently destroyed the remaining hatchlings declaring that every Star Conqueror would be his.

Upon his forces reaching the Milky Way, Starro took control of L.E.G.I.O.N.'s robotic forces and uses their widespread galactic influence to further his goals towards dominating the universe.