Starla Gutsmandottir is Muscle Man's girlfriend (later fiance) from the episode "Muscle Woman" of Regular Show. Mordecai does not like her. She destroys the city but Muscle Man stops her from chasing Mordecai and Rigby and they kissed each other. After this episode, she became a recurring character and friends with the main characters which because she still muscle man girlfriend. She also resembles a zombie with brown hair. However, she is a human as least according to Mordecai in same episode which about herself as Mordecai with same "skin condition" as her boyfriend and also odd that Mordecai never mentions her as human in same episode, And it due of his green skin condition along her boyfriend and surprisingly her parents that still make him more of Human-like or Zombie-like green skinned Humanoid because of skin condition and rarely unexplained power that cost her and her boyfriend into flying color fireballs in "The Longest Weekend" then they are Humans. And just like Muscle Man she also have superpower to carried heavier objects even they are "humans" then their other humans aren't Presumably having that superpower.
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