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Stark Sentinels are extremely powerful Sentinels and antagonists in World War Hate / Axis - despite being created from Tony Stark's technology that are primarily utilized by the monstrous Red Onslaught.


Powers / Abilities

Stark Sentinels can counter any known superhero due to having extensive memory-banks installed based on data found during the Civil War arc : they are, however, ill-equipped to deal with supervillains.

In addition Stark Sentinels can bathe victims in Pym Particles in order to shrink them down and contain them within themselves.


  • being both Stark technology and a tool of Red Onslaught the Stark Sentinels are some of the most powerful incarnations of the Sentinels to date.

Alternate Versions

Earth-TRN377 from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 4

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