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I'm troubled to see you doing nothing but playing around, old woman.
~ Starjun talking to Chiyo.

Starjun (スタージュン, Sutājun or pronounced Sta-Jyun) is one of the Vice-Chefs of the Bishokukai and one of the major antagonists in the Toriko series.

He appears to be searching for an as of yet unknown ingredient.

it was revealed Ootake was his combo partner. He is also the rival bishokukai of Toriko.



Starjun's real face

Starjun is a tall man, slightly taller than Toriko, with long black hair. He generally dresses in a manner similar to a knight, complete with an imposing metal mask which makes his eyes appear featureless and demonic. Beneath the mask however, Starjun has a relatively normal face, with a furrowed brow similar to Zebra's, long black hair and handsome features. He has a large scar or burn on the left side of his face and neck. In the manga, he has a normal caucasian skin and his helmet is brighter, while in the anime his skin is of a white-pale pattern and his helmet is of a pitch-black blue color.




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