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Staredad is an Internet meme based around a comic that can be found on the Internet. The comic was entitled "Dad Wasps Oh No" and it was made by KC Green, and it centers around a father who was sitting in a chair, reading the newspaper, when suddenly, his son comes in. His son informs him that there was a wasp nest in his room. The father replies with a dry "So" and his son goes on to say that he was scared. The father stares at him, and questions how he ever conceived a child that was this cowardly. He then takes the wasp nest and places it into his mouth. He then scares his son with it, and stated that he had no son after said son ran out of the room, horrified.

Internet Meme

As you can tell, most versions of the original comic tend to over exaggerate the father's abusiveness, and he may even abuse his son for trivial things.

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