The Stardust Ninja Dustards () are black-robed ninja footsoldiers created by Cosmic Energy within a Horoscopes Zodiarts, or anyone else who can efficiently use Cosmic Energy, such as Foundation X members and Groundain.

They are armed with short swords, white smoke bombs, and red explosive balls. While they are not as powerful as a Zodiarts, they are far faster and can be quite the hassle to dispatch.

When they are destroyed, they burst into Cosmic Energy in powder form.

Kamen Rider Wizard

Three Dustards were among Amadum's monsters in the world within the Magic Stone. Along with a trio of Masquerade Dopants, they were sent to capture a young boy and girl as well as the 13 Rider Rings they were carrying. However, they were countered when the boy summoned Double and Fourze, who fought the henchmen.

They assumed HeatTrigger and Elek States temporarily, defeating the Masquerade Dopants before taking their battle with the Dustards to the city as Faiz and Kabuto were fighting a trio of Worms. Fourze and Double finished off the Dustards with a Rocket Module Rider Punch and Cyclone Maximum Drive Rider Kick respectively.