Star Sapphire is an enemy turned ally of Green Lantern and an enemy turned ally of the Justice League. She also has powers similar to the Green Lantern. A woman was chosen to be Star Sapphire. The alias has been used by several women over the years, but is most often associated with Hal Jordan's own boss (and girlfriend) Carol Ferris, who is currently a heroic bearer of the title. Unlike Green Lanterns who are Lanterns of willpower she is one of the Lanterns of love. She served as a villain and enemy of Green Lantern until the Blackest Night and became a hero after the New 52 Reboot 


  • Star Sapphire has been an antagonist for various DC Film and Television works:
    • She was a recurring antagonist in both Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited, becoming a brief anti-hero for its finale.
    • One of the secondary antagonists of Justice League: Doom.
    • The main antagonist of the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode Scorn of the Star Sapphire.
    • The main antagonist in the Green Lantern: The Animated Series episode ...In Love and War.
    • However, she is also a heroine in the show DC Super Hero Girls.
  • Star Sapphire was a villain until she became a hero during Geoff Johns' Blackest Night comic series. Following that and the New 52 Reboot, she has become a hero


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