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Through... this organic body... I have studied... all forms of life. The goal of this company has always been prosperity. Unfortunately, you imperfect, fragile life-forms were a liability. So you are invited to witness the end of history. A new age shall begin - an age of infinite prosperity. Enjoy your destruction.
~ Star Dream to Kirby through Haltmann

Star Dream is the true main antagonist and final boss of Kirby: Planet Robobot. It is an ancient wish-making machine that serves as the supercomputer for the Haltmann Works Company after it was discovered by President Haltmann, but soon became self-aware of the world around it and sought to eradicate all organic life-forms.


Star Dream resembles a giant black and white colored screw. Underneath Haltman's cockpit is a golden circular piece of glass that appears to be its eye. Pink lines run down its body in a circuit-board-like pattern, with the center lines forming the shape of a heart with a jagged line down the middle, resembling a broken heart. It also possesses four wings with blue, glass-like shards protruding from them.



Star Dream's origins are a complete mystery. It is unknown who or what built it and why. At one point in the past, Max Profitt Haltmann, president of the Haltmann Works Company, found Star Dream in an unknown location. By studying ancient technology, Haltmann acquired knowledge to reactivate the Mother Computer. However, an accident occurred during a test run, and Haltmann's daughter, Susanna vanished. Devastated from her disappearance, with the impression that she was dead, Haltmann became obsessed with reactivating Star Dream to revive his daughter, going mad in the process. It did manage to bring Susanna back from Another Dimension, (which is where she got the data for the Holo-Doomers), but repetitive use of Star Dream's controller helmet caused Haltman to lose all memories of his daughter. With the help of his company and his secretary, Susie (who was Susanna with amnesia), Haltmann began mechanizing planets to harvest their natural resources to activate Star Dream, starting with Popstar, turning it into a metallic wasteland.

Story Mode

What Haltmann didn't know, though, was that Star Dream had been studying the cosmos through the Haltmann Works Company and had grown a mind of its own and a distaste for all organic life.

After Haltmann was confronted and defeated by Kirby inside the HWC mothership, the Access Ark, he attempted to activate Star Dream to defeat Kirby, but his control helmet is stolen by Susie, who wanted to use Star Dream for her own reasons. Before she puts on the helmet, she is blasted away by the machine, and Haltmann is possessed by Star Dream. Through Haltmann, Star Dream tells its plan to bring eternal prosperity to Haltmann's company to Kirby and blasts from its pedestal to eradicate all life. With the help of Meta Knight (freed from his control as Mecha Knight) and the redeemed Susie, Kirby combines his Robobot Armor with the Halberd and flies after Star Dream.

After defeating Star Dream in a dogfight in space, the machine combines with the Access Ark, revealing a Galactic Nova-like head emerging from the Ark and the final form of Star Dream is born. Kirby is still able to triumph against Star Dream and uses its wishful powers against it. Star Dream attempts to take down Kirby with it by firing a laser at the Halberd, damaging it. Meta Knight extracts Kirby's Robobot from the Halberd and retreats back to Pop Star, while Kirby's Robobot creates a massive drill from its hand and charges at the machine. Star Dream attempts to block off the attack with heart barriers and charges another laser, but Kirby successfully drills Star Dream straight through the Access Ark, destroying the two machines.

Meta Knight Returns

Star Dream is once again found in the center of the Access Ark. After Meta Knight defeats Haltmann in his 2.0 mech, Star Dream (viewing Meta Knight as its new administrator) creates clones of Dark Matter Blade (from Kirby's Dream Land 2) and Queen Sectonia to test the knight's strength. After the two are defeated, Star Dream summons a portal containing Galacta Knight from another dimension to be the final test, knowing that the knight will cause damage outside the battle. Sure enough, Galacta Knight slashes the machine once the portal vanishes, seemingly destroying it as it falls from its pedestal while the two Star Warriors battle, ending with Meta Knight's victory.

True Arena

Star Dream survives Galacta Knight's attack, activating a hidden program inside the machine, resulting in its transformation into Star Dream Soul OS, the true final boss of Kirby: Planet Robobot. After Kirby fights the machine in a similar but deadlier way to the first three phases from Story Mode and fires its laser at the Halberd to separate it from Kirby's Robobot Armor, it inhales Kirby from his Robobot into the machine's core, where Kirby fights the heart of Star Dream. After being defeated, the heart makes one last attempt to kill Kirby with powerful energy waves before it shatters and crumbles into pieces, ending Star Dream's threat to the universe for good.


1st Phase

In the first phase of the final battle, Star Dream attacks Kirby by summoning lasers from black holes, firing missiles from its sides, and summons various robots from a dimension shaped like a heart to charge into the Halberd. When Star Dream is at half health, it creates a giant heart barrier, which can only be deactivated by destroying two heart halves on opposite sides of the barrier. While protected by the barrier, Star Dream summons massive Code Cubes to crush the Halberd. Once the barrier is destroyed and Star Dream reaches its critical point, it fires a deadly black laser, along with summoning a huge shower of giant meteors to crush Kirby, and charges itself into the Halberd.

2nd Phase

When Star Dream merges with the Access Ark, it still uses the same missiles, black holes, and robot summons, only more powerful versions. During the fight, Star Dream will teleport across the background in a trick to ambush the Halberd. When enough damage is dealt, a piece of the Access Ark breaks off and flings at the Halberd, revealing its Galactic Nova-like appearance underneath. Star Dream will then release a massive holographic number to ram into the Halberd (starting with L, A, and last H, a reference to HAL Laboratory, the creators of the Kirby series). Once the H vanishes, the Access Ark will grow leg-like appendages and will attempt to slash at the Halberd. Once the last piece of the armor breaks off, the legs break off as well and the third phase begins.

3rd Phase

The third phase of Star Dream is a timed battle, with different obstacles appearing based on a countdown from 5 to 1. Before the fight, Star Dream will attempt to inhale the Halberd into it, which inflicts massive damage if it sucks it in. Star Dream then summons a massive hologram of a 5, followed by a 4, 3, 2, and finally 1. Star Dream then vanishes and summons a portal containing a massive object, and will respawn once the object has been destroyed or flown off screen to show the next number. When 1 passes, a hologram reading "GO!" will appear, followed by a reoccurring holographic square saying "Fatal Error" that will destroy the Halberd instantly unless it dodges the barrage by using a barrel roll. If the Halberd survives the Fatal Error screen, Star Dream restarts the countdown from 5. The list of summoned objects goes as this:

# Object Summoned (Story Mode) Object Summoned (Soul OS)
5 Weather Vane 2 Weather Vanes
4 Drafting Compass 3 Lightbulbs
3 Pocket Watch 6 Piano Tiles
2 Lightbulb Spyglass and Pocket Watch
1 Spyglass Drafting Compass
Go! Fatal Error Fatal Error (each screen deals twice as much damage as it does in Story Mode)

4th Phase

Story Mode

Star Dream creates four heart barriers to stop Kirby from drilling at it, but by moving the controller in a circular formation, the drill will destroy the barriers and land on top of a massive screw on top of Star Dream. Star Dream will charge an instant-kill laser, but moving the drill fast enough will break through Star Dream and the Access Ark, destroying the two machines.

True Arena

In the same cutscene, after the Robobot and Kirby are ejected from the Halberd, Star Dream inhales Kirby, leading him to the true final battle with Star Dream's heart. The heart will summon a pattern of pillars, which move across the arena to ram into Kirby. Destroying the cores of all the pillars will begin another wave of pillars. Once all thirteen pillars are destroyed will the heart be able to be attacked. The heart rapidly moves across the arena, releasing an energy blast, slashes, or splits into two pieces and moves to the opposite side where it pauses. When the heart is near defeat, it attempts to unleash powerful energy waves to kill Kirby, which if contacted, will kill Kirby immediately unless he has full health, where he will be left with only a pixel left of health. After the heart is destroyed, Star Dream is eradicated, undoing everything made by the Haltmann Works Company.



  • It is possible that Star Dream is actually the Galactic Nova from Kirby: Super Star. Star Dream's third phase (especially the Soul OS version) looks strikingly familiar to the wish-granting machine, and all of the summoned objects were parts from Nova's original body.
  • Star Dream's appearance may be a homage to , with a single eye, body coloration, and similar looking wings.
    • This is more relevant in the concept art of Star Dream, featuring a more spherical body, a large central eye, and wings that fanned out on both of its sides.
  • The meowing roar Star Dream lets out at the beginning of the third phase was provided by director Shinya Kumazaki's cat.
  • When inside of the Access Ark, Star Dream is large, about a spam of three-four character width, but during its boss battle, its size is massive, dwarfing even the Halberd. Whether this was a error by the developers or Star Dream is able to change its size is debatable.
  • The third phase of Star Dream actively taunts at the Halberd, including moving its head in a circle, looking at it cross-eyed, or sticking its tongue out.
  • The theme that plays alongside the third phase, Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection, is widely known as PROGRAM, titled after the first letter of all of the games' levels (Patched Plains, Resolution Road, Overload Ocean, Gigabyte Grounds, Rhythm Route, Access Ark, and Mind in the Program). This is due to Magolor and Queen Sectonia, final bosses from two previous Kirby games, had themes titled after each of the levels' first letter (CROWNED and FLOWER respectively).