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Soul Eater - Star Clan

The Star Clan.

The Star Clan (星族, Hoshizoku) was an infamous family of ninjas who were descended from a long line of assassins. It is reputed that they would do anything for money, making them enemies in numerous places. Eventually, this led to them following the Path Of The Demon, as they became ever more obsessed with power. The group contained nine members, this included Black☆Star, his mother, and father, White☆Star. So far the rest remain unknown but it appears that each member bears a Star mark either on their clothes or body. However, the entire clan was exterminated by Death Weapon Meister Academy thirteen years ago, due to their actions. Black☆Star, who was then just a baby, was taken in by Sid Barett, who was a DWMA agent in the mission to eradicate the Star Clan, and grew up at the Academy, deeming him the sole survivor.

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