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Come! You must prove yourself in a test of strength! This was Goldman's parting wish.
~ His words before battling AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green.

The Star is the secondary antagonist in House of the Dead 4. He appears in Caleb Goldman's headquarters in the foyer and is the boss of chapter 5. He is also a villain and anti-hero of The House of the Dead Ex.


His type number is 0001, making him very similar to Magician and Wheel of Fate (who are Type-0 and Type-0000, respectively), in that they're all humanoid creatures with unique powers. However, Type-0001 possesses neither the lightning speed of the Magician nor the immense power of the Wheel of Fate. He is also the only one out of the three that can successfully be scanned for weakpoints, which could perhaps signify his less powerful abilities. The Magician can't be scanned by G's PDA in The House of The Dead 4 Special, but he does have a file displaying his weakpoints in The House of The Dead 2.


The Star is a humanoid zombie with extremely pale skin and blood-red eyes. He is wearing a red hooded coat and carries a pair of kukri knives. A purple aura surrounds him, and he can fire energy beams and whirl as fast as a tornado. On his chest is a diagonal gash, for reasons unknown. Upon the Star's defeat, he self destructs, severely injuring James in the process.

The House of the dead EX

He also makes an appearance in The House of the Dead EX where he develops a crush for the second main character, Zobiko, even willing to go as far as giving her an offering of flowers, but as a result, Zobiko doesn't notice him, being turned down. In the final stage, he tries to kidnap Zobiko, but he fails. In the ending, the Star tells the scientist that he has failed, when after, the scientist pulls out a photo of him and his girlfriend, his girlfriend is actually Zobiko.


  • The Star vaguely resembles Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise.
  • The Star appears in the spinoff video game House of the Dead-Ex in which he is depicted as an anti-heroic lover stealer. But his acts always end by hurting himself.
  • The Star's appearance, location, type number, and attacks indicate that he is designed as a successor to the Magician.
  • It is theorized among fans that the Star may in fact be a mutated form of either Gary Stewart or Harry Harris.