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Type-0001 STAR
Come! You must prove yourself in a test of strength! This was Goldman's parting wish.
~ His words before battling AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green

The Star is a villain featured in House of the Dead 4. He appears in Caleb Goldman's headquarters in the foyer and is the boss of chapter 5.

The Star is a humanoid zombie with extremely pale skin and blood-red eyes. He is wearing a red hooded coat and carries a pair of kukri knives. A purple aura surrounds him, and he can fire energy beams and whirl as fast as a tornado. On his chest is a diagonal gash, for reasons unknown.

Upon the Star's defeat, he self destructs, severely injuring James in the process.


  • The Star vaguely resembles Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise.
  • The Star appears in the spinoff video game House of the Dead-Ex in which he is depicted as an antiheroic lover stealer.

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