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Well, my lawyer said I was crazy but you want to know the real reason: why the fuck not?
~ Stans shows his depravity when asked why he killed so many people

Stans is an antagonist in the 2010 live action film, Predators.


Though he is among the group of humans transported to the alien planet and hunted by the Predators, he is also shown to be a completely sacrilegious, psychotic, homicidal, profane, and unpleasant person who in fact was due to be executed for multiple murders prior to being brought to the planet. Throughout the movie he consistently shows sociopathic tendencies, among other things deciding that if he ever gets back to Earth he'll indulge in mass rape and cocaine. He is also strongly implied to have an incestuous relationship with (or at least feelings for) his sister. 

Despite his many villainous traits however, he ultimately redeems himself when he sacrifices himself battling one of the Predators so as to allow Royce, Isabelle, Hanzo, and Edwin to escape.


Predators Stan's Demise

Predators Stan's Demise

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