Stanley Decker the Chainsaw Maniac is one of the many enemies faced in the video-game "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" and is a direct parody of Jason Voorhees, much like Tommy the Killer Doll this chainsaw-carrying madman is not a unique threat and multiple Deckers can be faced at once: like Jason he is notoriously hard to kill and many players opt for simply avoiding him rather than risk direct confrontation.

Due to the high-powered chainsaw he carries Decker can easily carve through walls and this can pose a problem to the hero, especially when confronted with multiple maniacs, as they can easily home in on a hero and the end result is never very pleasant.

The exact origins of Stanley Decker is unrevealed but he could be another of Dr. Tongue's many experiments or henchmen, though he could just as likely be a free-roaming agent of destruction (as the game was already a homage/parody of horror cliches).