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Herzog is the main antagonist of the splatter-film Dead Snow and its sequel, despite being a horror the franchise is known for its comedy, as well as the usual splatter features of gore.

Herzog himself is a malevolent Nazi zombie who rules over an entire army of lesser zombies, buried deep in the snow after 70 years - based loosely on the legend of the Draug Herzog is a greedy undead monster concerned with hunting down and murdering any who stray upon his ill-gotten goods.

Prior to becoming a zombie Herzog was the leader of a Nazi Einsatz occupation in the area and was known to be an extremely brutal SS Commander, even for Nazi Germany, he and his men reveled in abnormal levels of cruelty towards the locals and regulary beat, murdered and tortured men, women and children.

During the end stages of the war Herzog and his men knew Germany was close to losing and thus robbed the locals of valuables, killing any that dared to oppose the looting - the surviving locals decided to uproar against their tormentors, gathering makeshift weapons they successfully forced Herzog and his men to flee into the snowy mountains with their stolen treasure, where they ultimately froze to death.

However in death Herzog became far more powerful and evil than anyone could of imagined, able to summon massive waves of Nazi zombies and possessing inhuman strength and an undying appetite for bloodshed.


  • His style of dress and abnormally cruel behavior in life suggests Herzog was most likely one of the S.S. - widely considered one of the most brutal chapters of Nazi Germany (often involved in genocide and state terrorism)
  • The Nazi Zombie genre was mercilessly parodied in South Park : Stick of Truth due to the creators believing it was overused, partly due to the success of films such as Dead Snow.
  • Despite being a Nazi the nature of Herzog is based loosely on the Draug, a type of Norse undead that were believed to rise from the grave and greedily guard treasures (usually found in burial mounds).
  • His rank means he had at least 300 men under his command, which explains why he had such a large array of zombies to control after his transformation.

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