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, AKA, the Twilit Fossil is a minor villain in the video game the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It's the fossil remains of some unknown creature that was reanimated by Zant to kill Link while he was in the Arbiter's Grounds.


When Link reached the basement of the dungeon, he comes across the fossil remains of a strange creature. Shortly after, Zant appears and implants a sword into the creature's skull. After chanting a spell, the Skeleton, known as Stallord comes to life and processed to attack Link. With the use of the new Spinner he acquired, Link was able to crack open the Twilit Fossil's spine. After dealing enough hits, the spine broke, causing Stallord's body to disappear, the the exception of it's skull.

Believing that Stallord is dead, Link continued his travel by raising a pillar with the Spinner. However, after raising the pillar, the Skull of Stallord came back to life and continued to attack Link. Link used the Spinner to catch up with the flying skull, while avoiding buzzsaws, and a dark energy blast that come out of Stallord's mouth. After tackling Stallord with the Spinner, Stallord collaspes to the ground. Link processes by slashing the sword embedded in Stallord's skull to damage it. After a little bit, Stallord gets back up and continues the assault. After a long battle, Link finally manages to deal enough damage to Stallord and destroy it.

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