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Stagger Lee is the protagonist and villain of the song of the same name by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Stagger Lee lived back in 1932 and owned a colt. 45, and seems well known by the public due to a bad reputation. He seemed to be an abusive husband towards his wife given at the start of the song, she kicks him out of the house. Once he leaves, he goes to a bar called The Bucket of Blood. He goes inside and asks the bartender if he knows who he is. The bartender says he doesn't know and doesn't care who he is. However once Lee reveals himself to him, the bartender claims he's heard of his name, but still doesn't seem to care given he's beaten plenty of people like him everyday. Enraged by this, Lee takes out his gun and shoots him four times, killing him. After he's killed him, a woman, named Nellie Brown, begins to flirt with him but then notices the barkeeper's dead body. Although she seems terrified at first (to which Lee responds by taunting her about his death), she offers to have sex with Lee at her house-although she also tells him that he has to leave before her husband, Billy Dilly, comes home. However, Lee tells her that he wants to stay there until Billy comes so he can rape him. Once they come to her house to have sex, Billy comes in and seems to know Stagger Lee given he has heard of him. Lee then forces Billy at gunpoint to give him a blowjob, and then shoots him to death after Billy does so.