Squirt Donkey Kong

Squirt is the third boss from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Squirt was a very odd boss, as he dwells behind a waterfall for the whole battle, his only weakness his eyes, and looks somewhat like a gigantic slug or crab head.

Squirt is fought at the end of Cotton Top Cove, in his level called Squirt's Showdown. In the battle, Squirt, as his name suggests, can squirt water from his mouth and used as his projectile. The Kongs will turn into Ellie upon entering the battle. The arena has six platforms, three on each side. Ellie must absorb the water from the waterfall and shoot the water at Squirts eyes. Squirt will be trying to knock Ellie off the platform by squirting water at Ellie, or in the Game Boy Advance remake spitting out water in a circle-like motion. Ellie, not being the most agile, will have some trouble in this battle.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, the stage was made slightly smaller (compared below), and was given a brighter color. The water appears to have a purple hue as well.