Squirrel Scouts gering at Slinkman

The Squirrel Scouts number among the antagonists of Camp Lazlo. They mostly serve as the rivals of the Bean Scouts, and reside in cabins at Acorn Flatts, which is often considered better than Camp Kidney (where the Bean Scouts are). However, the Squirrel Scouts have good sides and have interacted with the Bean Scouts.

The three most commonly seen Squirrel Scouts are Patsy, Nina, and Gretchen. Patsy is a mongoose who sometimes helps the Bean Scouts, even having a crush on Lazlo. Nina is an intelligent giraffe. Gretchen is a hungry alligator who usually wants to eat the Bean Scouts (though bears a crush on Edward Platypus).

It can be speculated that one of the Acorn Flatts scoutmasters, Ms. Mucus, is responsible for the rivalry between the two scout groups for her hatred of Bean Scouts.