The Squirrel

Why Jake, Why won't you print my letters? I... I... I HATE YOU!!!!
~ The squirrel angered that Jake did not get his letter.

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The Squirrel is the name of a character that appears in Adventure Time. He first appears in the episode "The Duke." He is usually and antagonist to Jake the dog. He tried to send a letter to Jake the Dog to talk about his newspaper article, but did not succeed and as a result wanted revenge on Jake for not getting his e-mail. He then tried to toss some mail so Jake would notice but the latter did not realize the mail, making the squirrel upset. He later teams up with the Marquis of Nuts to attack both Finn and Jake at the Royal Meeting of Ooo. Although the outcome of the battle was not revealed, Finn and Jake most likely won. He appeared as a toy in "All the Little People." He returns in "Princess Potluck" where he tries on multiple occasions to hit Jake with an arrow until he succeeds at the end of the episode, again angrily screaming "You son of a bleep-blob!"


The squirrel was originally a fan of Jake and still tries to get him to notice him, even if that means killing or attacking him, but luckily, he always fails at getting Jake to notice him. The squirrel gets even more angered and rabid if Jake says he doesn't know who he is.



  • He is voiced by Jeremy Shada, who is the voice of the main hero of Adventure Time, Finn.
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