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That's right! I'm living your dreams, Squidward!
~ Squilliam to Squidward
Sounds like you've got a dying animal to attend to, eh ol' chum? I hear you're playing the cash register now.
~ Squilliam's first lines
(Squidward: Hey, whatcha been up to?) Oh, just succeeding in everything you've failed in.
~ Squilliam to Squidward.

Squilliam Fancyson III or Squi Squi is the true tertiary antagonist of the nickelodeon cartoon series 'Spongebob Squarepants'. A very rich octopus who was Squidward's rival in high school and claimed he "sucked eggs". He serves as the main antagonist of the episodes, Band Geeks and Squilliam Returns, and he also appears in House Fancy, Professor Squidward, I ♥ Dancing, and Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful. He is very stuck up and mean to Squidward and seems to have a large group of followers. He says he has a balloon/casino, a private yacht, island, lake, hooker, and more. We see a small glimpse of his mansion in Band Geeks when Squilliam calls Squidward and seems that a lot of the mansion is made out of marble. He was not seen after he walked out of the destroyed Krusty Krab in Squilliam Returns until he reappears in the Season 6 episode: House Fancy, he is being interviewed on a TV show by Nicholas Withers. He calls Squidward "Squiddy". 

Squilliam only made one appearance in each Season 2 and Season 3, but in the recent Season 6, Squilliam has made 3 more appearances. This most likely because of high demand/requests from fans because he is a better, more arrogant version of Squidward.


At first, squilliam seems to have a similar personality to squidward. Both are narcissistic, pompous, condensing, sophisticated snobs. However, in other ways, they are opposites. Squidward seems like an abrasive, lazy, depressed, nihilistic, sarcastic warlock, but deep down, he caring and has a strong moral code. Squilliam is hardworking, charming, popular, positive but also very cruel, deep down, taking great joy in squidward's misery.  Small redeeming features may be that squilliam cleaned up bikini bottom and he was impressed by squidward's band. Squilliam is so rich, he owns many outlandish luxuries, and never hesitates to inform squidward of his more extreme purchases.  

Appearance  Squilliam looks like Squidward but he has a unibrow and he wears very nice clothes, he is blue, he is not fat, but very appealing to the ladies. Although he is a baldhead, he does have a very high(uni-)brow appeal. He is known to take long baths outside, and is said in the episode Professor Squidward to be a great drummer.

Abilities, Associates and Clubs

Squilliam is an extra clarinet player and an extra dancer. He owns his own music school and tutors dance students. He is a member of the Bikini Bottom County Club. His rival Squidward is also a member of the country club. Squilliam has been seen on TV in many shows, such as House Fancy, Squidward's House Party, Fab and Fancy and many more. In later seasons Squilliam has an accent.


Squiliam's house is glamorous. It is a mansion with 22 floors. It has a whirlpool bath elevator, a golden toilet, a jewel-encrusted toilet paper rack, and a guilded doorknob. Squilliam's house was seen on House Fancy. It also has a rooftop garden, a pink soda waterfall, and a 24-foot long statue of Squiliam's unibrow, made entirely out of guilded doorknobs. His house also has pictures of himself all around the house.


  • He plays at the Bubble Bowl.
  • He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • He is Squidward's rival from band class.
  • He has everything Squidward wished he had: money, fame, and success.
  • Squilliam's name is the combination of "Squid" and "William".
  • In Professor Squidward we learn that Squilliam's full name is Squilliam Fancyson the Third.
  • He uses a private helicopter to get of his private island.
  • He also has a hot air balloon/casino, but how is that possible to fit both things into one?
  • In the episode Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, Squilliam had a community service statue that melted because of Squidward's dirt statue that SpongeBob made & was given a ticket from the cop.
  • Popular jazz drummer Matthew Altman earned the moniker "Squilliam" or "Squilt" by greatly resembling the character, especially by way of unibrow.
  • His voice sounds like those of Paul Lynde.

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