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Squiddicus is a minor villain in the Donkey Kong series. He's an undefeatable octopus enemy found in Stormy Shore as the main obstacle. He appears to be a giant octopus with long spiky tentacles.

The monster is first seen in the background of the level, sinking a ship. After he is done with that, though, he goes and gets in the Kongs' way with his spiky tentacles. You first have to jump over them; but when you are climbing cling patches, he will put his tentacles in the way so that you jump back and forth between the opposite cling patches. After that, he will wave his tentacles back and forth between the ground, where you have to jump over them, and the cling patch above the ground, where you have to wait until his tentacle is closer to the ground. At the end of the level the Kongs fire out of a blast barrel to the finish right above Squidicus's head.