Squid Ghost

The Squid Ghost

The Squid Ghost is a ghastly squid-like beast and a villain in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series.

This creature was created from the anger and hatred of every ghost the Ghostbusters ever trapped and put into the Containment Unit.


After years of busting various entities, the Ghostbusters indirectly influenced the creation of a new and unique ghost. Filled with every captured entity's anger, an orange Squid Ghost with pinchers on the tips of his tentacles manifested. Made of pure hatred, its only goal was to destroy the Ghostbusters and anything associated with them. It haunted a retirement center and bowling alley, flattened the tires on Ecto-1, started trashing the Firehouse, chased Slimer, and used his ink to send the Ghostbusters and Ecto-1 flying. He was eventually trapped by Winston, Peter, and Slimer. Slimer utilized Professor Dweeb's Magnetic Flux Beam to help fully confine the ghost.


Being a composite of the anger of every ghost captured by the Ghostbusters, the Squid Ghost enjoys tormenting the Ghostbusters and everything it does to them could be interpreted as the ghosts' revenge for being captured.

Powers and Abilties

Like any ghost, the Squid Ghost can fly and phase through walls. It is also resilient (shown when it pulled itself back together after being blown apart by an overloaded Proton Pack) and spreads laughing ink like slime on its victims. After some experimentation, Egon Spengler determined the inky ectoplasm was highly volatile and could cause people and objects saturated in it to fly around.

Egon states the Squid Ghost is a Class 6 or better while talking into his tape recorder after the retirement center bust.