Villain Overview
Well, well, look what the cat dragged in!
~ Squeakus greeting Waffle

Squeakus was the main antagonist in the Catscratch's episode Bringin' Down the Mouse and is probably the most evil villain of the series.


Squeakus is a very evil mouse who tricked Waffle into thinking his two older brothers are mice. In the episode, he is described to be the only uncatchable mouse. (also by Mr. Blik as 'ugly')

Despite being only a mouse, many fear cats hunt because of their great intelligence to catch them. His dislike and hatred to cats, perhaps due to the same aversion that cats have to hunt mouses.

Waffle used to be his friend, even he always believed he was telling the truth when he said his brothers Blik and Gordon were mice, it believed it, but when I was lying Waffle, Waffle leaves him passed out with his "cat breath." The last time Squeakus is seen, he is badly injured and lives in fear of Waffle and his dreaded cat breath.


Squeakus is a pudgy little rodent that has light blue fur, floating oval-shaped ears, green eyes, a red button nose and a swirly tail. When he has malice on the mind, his cute little smile will widen into a vindictive grin.