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Rita's two bumbling henchmen, do their best to help their mistress in her war against the Rangers, but usually end up screwing up. They both would accompany Goldar, Scorpina and other monsters as they attacked the Earth to cheer them on. Squatt bore a resemblence between a warthog and a blueberry and would act like a child when his Mistress would have a plan or the Rangers were on the losing end of the battle. He was not known for his fighting abilities, therefore he would act like a spy or a saboteur when he would go to Earth. Baboo was the more intelligent of the two and was tall vampiric-liked who looked like a monkey and bat crossed together and had crippled wings and wore a monocle. His skills were like Finster's being an alchemist and potion maker. Baboo was never scene again after he fled with his masters to escape the Machine Empire in Power Rangers Zeo. Squatt, however, accompanied Rita and Zedd to the Vica Galaxy where they attacked it and defeated the Gold Ranger. He was presumably purified by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers In Space.

In a scene lampshading the two's bumbling nature, Rita's dumpster falls to Earth after Zedd banished her and is found by Bulk and Skull. When their efforts to free her (hoping in their dim way this will lead to learning the Rangers' secret identities) go in their usual ineffectual slapstick way, Rita bemoans "Great! That's All I Need--A Human Squat and Baboo!"

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