Squashini is a boss from Kirby's Epic Yarn. He guards Treat Land and is the third boss faced in the game. His name might be a portmanteau of "Squash" and "Houdini", a famous magician.

Squashini is a Jack O'Lantern dressed like a magician. He wears a top hat adorned with a pink flower, an black cape, a red bowtie and a magic wand. He oesn't appear to have arms, nor legs, and his wand appears to be floating in mid-air.

Squashini's attacks are determinded by a slot machine in the backgrtound, but the battle still follows a pattern. The slot machine have 6 symboles, and each time the machine rols, it ends up with three identica symbols. the pumpkin combination only appears to introduce the boss, and the bead combination is never used. The others, as stated before, follow a pattern that goes as follows. First, the Hats: Squashini hides into his hat, and jumps out of the screen. Three identical hats then fall on the stage and move around the screen, much like a boneto (however, unlike in the game, it's impossible to effectively determine which is the right hat). Kirby and Prince Fluff can pick up one hat, and if Squashini was inside, he is then opened for damage. However, if the two pick up a wrong hat, an enemy will appear and is most likely to damage the players.

Then, the Cards. The boss will throw some cards to Kirby and Fluff. They can be grabbed and thrown at Squashini to stun him, allowing the player to damage Squashini. The next symbol is the Rope. Squashini lowers the curtains and ties up Kirby and Fluff to an enormous bomb with a Jack O'Lantern face. They have to unbind them from the bomb, and then might ring the bell above it to get extra-beads (beads are the game's currency). Finally, there is the Cape. Squashini floats above the stage with a cape and drop several bombs at Kirby. Those bombs (which are smaller versions of the enormous bomb to which Kirby was tied during the Rioe attack) can be grabbed and thrown at Squashini, stunning him and letting him open for damage.

After each time he gets damaged, Squashini uses the Rope attack, and after three hits, he is defeated, granting the player with the fourth piece of Magic Yarn and opening the path to Water Land.