Spunky is Vicky's new pet hamster after Doidle. His first and only appearance was in "Dog's Day Afternoon". He is shown to love steak.


Spunky is a normal sized brown hamster with red colored eyes. He talks with a very squeaky voice, and is exceptionally rude to Timmy and his 'goldfish' even though they were trying to warn him of danger. It is not known how he is able to talk.

'Dog's Day Afternoon

Not very long after taking her dog Doidle to be neutered, Vicky bought a pet hamster who she named Spunky. She brought him over Timmy's house, and gave him a juicy steak. Timmy knew that Vicky was doing this because this is what she did to Doidle (who Timmy was mind-swapped with in the same episode) before she took him to Dr. Snipowitz to be neutered. Wanda was about to warn Spunky this, but he became very rude and defensive of his steak, so Timmy and his fairies just laughed and let him find out what would happen on his own. Strangely, he could talk, and there is no explanation given as to why. After his appearance in this episode, he is never seen again, and in all future episodes, Doidle is Vicky's only pet.