Springtrap is the secondary antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical by RandomEncounters, based off the game by Scott Cawthon. He is a killer animatronic that attacks anyone or anything, especially the security guards and the other animatronics (who are good in this version). He turns out to be working with AJ, who is later replaced by Phone Guy as the main antagonist.

He is voiced by Peter Strinivasn.


Shortly after NateWantsToBattle takes the night shift as a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a crate arrives with Springtrap inside. He kidnaps Bonnie and Chica, then goes to attack Nate. Freddy and the Puppet come to Nate's aid, but fail. The Puppet's strings are pulled into a fan and it is killed. Foxy then comes out of a vent and knocks Springtrap out.

Afraid of Springtrap's potential when he wakes up, Nate and the animatronics go to seek the help of the former security guard, Markiplier. In order to keep Springtrap from escaping the restaurant, Nate uses a remote-controlled Balloon Boy to keep him distracted. The animatronics succeed in getting Mark to help, but Springtrap catches up to Balloon Boy and kills him.

After returning to Freddy Fazbear's, Mark suggests that they use fire extinguishers to soak Springtrap and get his spring locks to fail. The animatronics set out to find some, but only Chica is successful. Springtrap chases her back to the office, where Mark captures him. Nate misses with the fire extinguisher and is knocked out by AJ, the morning shift. AJ reveals that he was behind Springtrap, who was only supposed to scare the night shift guards away so he could take the job and gt more hours. Mark and Nate offer their jobs to him, and AJ agrees.

However, as the guards make peace, Phone Guy bursts in, saying he was planning on them to turn on each other, but now would have to kill them himself. He kills AJ and wounds Freddy. Mark releases Springtrap, who fights Phone Guy while the others escape. Phone Guy decapitates Springtrap, but his body continues to attack until Phone Guy accidentally sets himself on fire, burning Springtrap and the restaurant. It is later revealed that Phone Guy survived, but was arrested.


Springtrap appears as a sickly green, furry hand puppet with wide, white eyes and fangs.




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